TSA-1000 רכזת גילוי אש אזורית
  • מיוצר בישראל
  • Standart UL
  • Standart CE
  • Standart EN-54
  • תו תקן ירוק
  • מכון התקנים בישראל


Smart Conventional Multi-Zone Fire Alarm and Extinguishing Control Panel

Conventional zone-based fire detection and extinguishing control panel – the number of detection zones and outputs can be increased in a modular fashion up to a total of 16 zones, with the option for additional expansions.

The control panel is modular and allows expansion by means of various elements including outlets and relays for implementation of various, complex requirements.

This fire detection control panel can be connected to up to 4 RM-1000 remote digital annunciators via an RS-485 interface.

In addition, outputs for computer communications and synoptic panels can be connected.

Every event or fault in the system is displayed in detail allowing users, technicians and service staff to quickly and easily identify faults.

The control panel operates in compliance with Israeli Standard SI 1220, American Standard UL 864 edition 9 and European Standards EN 54-2 and EN 54-4.

The control panel controls detection lines operating in the double stranded method, and output lines which are used to operate the alarm horn line, automatic extinguishing devices, evacuation horns or other output devices.

In addition, the system has separate outputs to operate the main fire alarm horn, the automatic dialer and “dry” contacts for indication of system alarm and fault modes and supervision faults.

The system is designed for installation in small to mid-sized projects







  • Protection of the input and output lines is performed without fuses by means of a cutting-edge current management system

  • The LED-based control panel display is friendly, clear and detailed.
  • When charging the battery, the charge voltage, current and measurement of the battery's capacity to supply current under load is fully controlled

  • All programing operations can be performed through the system's keys or on a computer using designated software
  • This fire detection control panel includes automatic alarm verification