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With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and products in the field of fire detection, you can find the right solution for your type of building

Scalable control panels

02. Scalable control panels

Our advanced control panels are the first line of defense in the building against fire hazards – providing 24/7 of peace of mind. ADR 7000, SAVER 7000 and Guard-7 - the flagship series of telefire control panels is an integrative solution that controls all building systems. Our scalable panels are easy to operate for installers, firefighters and building managers. Telefire control panels are modular, therefore cater to every building that require an expansion.

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04. Extinguishing

Thanks to advanced fire extinguishing solutions offered by telefire, you can protect any type of structure, from residential buildings, commercial towers, hospitals etc. to highly complex structures such as chemical factories, data centers, power plants and more. Our fast-acting automatic fire suppression solutions extinguish fire hazards as quickly as possible, minimizing fire damage, smoke damage and even water damage. fire suppression systems confidently protects your critical assets, and most importantly, the people within your organization.

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Remotely monitoring & control software

06. Remotely monitoring & control software

To maintain a quit routine of fire safety in the building, you need to be update 24/7. With SEE - telefire control & monitoring PC based software, your guard in the security desk can get a clear overview of all the fire detectors that installed in the building and response quickly during fire event or fault.

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Smoke Detection

01. Smoke Detection

To ensure a safe life routine, a fire must be detected quickly in the building. Due to Telefire’s innovative multi-sensor technology, our smoke detectors identify dangerous situations as quickly and reliably as possible.

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Alarming & Evacuation

03. Alarming & Evacuation

Our evacuation solutions go into action as soon as fire event is detected. Telefire will design and deliver customized solutions that meets the specific requirements of the building, including voice evacuation system, horns, auxiliary Signaling Indicator and other accessories.

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Smoke control

05. Smoke control

Inhalation of smoke is one of the major dangers to people during a fire event. Clearing the smoke from the escape routes is a critical task during fire event. With TCS-7030, our modular smoke management system, firefighters will function and operate the fire event in the best possible way.

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Telefire mobile service

07. Telefire mobile service

With telefire mobile service you can control and monitor your control panel anywhere & anytime. for installers, using Telefire Mobile enables them to plan tasks in advance, troubleshooting and saving valuable working time on site and for maintenance stuff Alerto app will give them a clear overview about the occurrence of fire event and faults in the control panels - this critical information will make there daily routine safer.

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    Solutions for every segment

    Telefire fire safety solutions are uniquely suited across a variety of industries, each has special considerations, unique applications and challenging environments

    Residential Buildings

    Its important to protect your people you care the most. Telefire portfolio provides 24/7 of peace of mind with her comprehensive fire detection solutions

    Data centers

    Public centers

    Telefire fire safety solutions meets all the unique requirements of public buildings, including hospitals, schools, municipalities etc.

    Trade & Business

    We offer a wide product portfolio for high-rise buildings. Meeting the demands and setting new benchmarks in fire detection field for the growing impressive structures.


    Our robust line of products will protect the crucial assets of plants and other industrial structures.

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