About Us

Development and Manufacture at International Standards

The fire detection and extinguishing systems, Control systems, Detectors and other products manufactured by the Company are under the supervision of the Israel Standards Institute and bear Israeli standards from the IS 1220 series, in addition to many international standards, including the American UL standard, the European EN-54 standard, the European Extinguishing standard EN-12094, the Russian GOST standard, and more. TELEFIRE Quality Assurance system is ISO-9001:2015 which is under the supervision of the Israel Standards Institute.

Select Products

TELEFIRE has a line of products that includes, among others, the flagship series of fire detection and extinguishing Control panels: The 7000 Series. A series of analog control panels (addressable), designed and manufactured conforming to American and European standards that meet the updated requirements of modern buildings, incluing structured management of smoke, addressable control panels, Firefighter Phone, control, command and integration with additional systems.
Additionally, conventional control panels for automatic fire detection and extinguishing, addressable and conventional smoke detectors, heat detectors and combined heat and smoke detectors.
TELEFIRE has a variety of special detectors such as beam detectors, flame detectors, aspiration detectors, flood detectors, AC sensors, automatic dialers, horns, extinguishing and alarm switches, Signaling Indicator, magnets, control systems, alert systems via SMS and email.

Complementary Products

TELEFIRE has representatives of the best of leading international companies in the field of Fire Detection and Extinguishing, which complement the Company’s product line and among them: Automatic gas fire extinguishing system FM-200 by Fike and by Safe Anticendi; automatic fire extinguisher aerosol products by Greenex and Fire-Pro; a variety of emergency and evacuation control panels by Proel and Evax by Potter; accessories for additional fire detection systems by Kidde Wheelock, Fulleon, Cooper Menvier and more.

Leading customers in Israel and worldwide

The Company’s fire detection and extinguishing systems are installed in various facilities among many satisfied customers including public institutions, government institutions and facilities, military facilities, including naval facilities and air force bases, communication facilities, private factories, malls, hotels, supermarkets, office towers, residential buildings, prisons, Israel Electric Corporation facilities, airports and more.
The company also has export operations and activities outside of Israel, and the Company’s fire detection and extinguishing systems are installed in many countries abroad.