Company Departments

TELEFIRE is a one stop shop offering fire detection and extinguishing solution.


We at TELEFIRE believe that in-depth, innovative and comprehensive research leads to the production of cutting-edge, high quality products. Ever since its foundation, the company has invested numerous resources in development activities in order to increase the level of fire safety in Israel. Development of the products is based on the extensive knowledge, research and experience accumulated over the years, while using the most advanced technologies in the fields of sensors, command and control. The company’s self-developed projects conform to international standards such as the American UL and European EN-54 standards.


The company’s products are manufactured under stringent quality control. TELEFIRE’s manufacturing setup includes the most cutting-edge and advanced equipment in the industry. TELEFIRE manufactures an entire range of fire detection and extinguishing systems including detectors, control systems, operation and communication units, from individual items to the finished, packaged and tested products for the end client.

Technical Support and Service

TELEFIRE’s support and service setup provides help desk services, backup and support for products, project planning and management, service laboratories, extinguishing gas filling stations. Additionally, TELEFIRE offers company clients an inventory of products and spare parts for all the equipment marketed by the company, including the main line of self-manufactured products and the complementary equipment imported from the leading companies in the world.

Training and Certifications

TELEFIRE holds regular training seminars on fire detection including the basics, introduction to products and their operation, locating faults and maintenance. Our many years of experience in developing products in the field and our widespread activity in standardization committees in Israel and abroad make TELEFIRE a leading training and certifying body in the field for a variety of clients in Israel and abroad.

Support and Consultancy for Designers

TELEFIRE offers the most professional solutions in the field of fire detection and extinguishing, which will guide every project to a successful and safe conclusion! TELEFIRE offers a wide umbrella of service, support and consultancy throughout the entire project, from the planning stage to execution and delivery of systems, and even after completion of the project, during the maintenance stage. The consultancy and support we provide are essential to our ability to ensure that the systems are property installed and maintained, conforming to all relevant standards and requirements, so that the facility is safe for use.


TELEFIRE has a project execution department specializing and operating primarily in the institutional, governmental and commercial sectors. The department consists of well-versed engineers, practical engineers and project managers with a wealth of experience. We are committed to the provision service, reliability and quality for years to come. Our clients include public institutions, government institutions and facilities, military facilities and more.