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Sniper Security Assimilation in a Global Security Company

The Customer
  • International, security logistics company, active in 53 countries and the top cash security moving company in Israel
  • The company operates more than 100 armored vehicles and hundreds of safes.
The Project
  • Assimilation of Sniper Security central control for all the company’s operations in Israel.
  • Single control screen and a unified interface.
  • Replacing 4 different security systems, each with a standalone screen and standalone computer.
A single screen controlling
the entire security array.
Comprehensive view
of all different operations.
Single control point of all sub-systems:
safe lock, armored vehicles’ locations and functions, selection of camera displays.
Easy integration with third party systems
for setting automatic activities, executed by the sub-systems.
Full logging and reporting.
Full remote control
of the entire system from any location and at all times.
achievements & benefits
Simplified, more efficient control
of all the company’s operations.
Enhanced security
Much improved ability to manage exceptional events
Higher armored
vehicle productivity.
The Next Stage
  • Integrated access control