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Sniper BMS Assimilation in a Leading University in Israel


about the university

One of Israel’s leading research universities

  • A world leader, with some 20,000 students and 4,000 faculty members.
  • The university comprises more than 100 buildings and research laboratories – Over 200,000 square meters constructed on 30 hectares in three different campuses.
The Project

Assimilation of the Sniper Building Management System

Project Objectives: Establishment of a central control array for maintenance, energy saving and operating cost savings.
The process: First assimilation of the system in the first 30 buildings, then expansion into additional buildings.

  • The system monitors and controls maintenance for all the university’s buildings.
  • Monitors and controls air conditioning, air quality, lighting, water supply and fire detection.
  • Interfaces with more than 100,000 end units from different manufacturers.

Sniper Building Management System

Unified control and monitoring screens
or the entire maintenance array (for each individual building and as well as for the entire campus)
Activation of lighting and air conditioning systems
according to a pre-defined program, linked to additional systems such as motion detectors.
Provides real time data
and historical information.
Automatic warnings of maintenance
exceptions, including to interested parties.
Unique monitoring
for sensitive locations, such as research laboratories.
Immediate maintenance
recommendations for all the systems monitored.
Air conditioning operation
linked to the lesson schedule in the classrooms.
Automatic closing
of windows in old fume hoods.
Heat maps based on temperatures
measured by sensors detect the escape of air conditioning and overheated locations.
Accurate picture of the spread
of a fire and identifies any cyber-attack on the air conditioning system.
achievements & benefits
Savings reaching more than 50%
on classroom air conditioning costs
75% improvement
in fume hood exhaust gases
Improved user safety
Improved, consistent, system efficiency
and effectiveness achieved by the integration of the various systems
Central control and monitoring capabilities
for the maintenance array encompassing all the campus buildings nd reduced aintenance and energy costs. In addition, the monitoring and technical teams were downsized and aintenance events have less effect on research and learning continuity. The system also extends the working life f the equipment in use
The Next Stage
  • Unify the operational control center and the Security Center and then implement the Sniper Security system.
  • Expand Sniper assimilation to include the new campus