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Sniper IBMS in a Leading Logistic Company

Fire Safety
The Background

About the company

Top Israeli nationwide logistic company with 11 logistic centers (warehouses) consist of 100,000 sqm.

The Project


Connecting all 11 logistic centers into one central control room and all electric (BMS), security and fire systems to a unified screen.

  • Integrating Telefire Fire Detection, Hikvision CCTV, WaveView VMS, Secusys Access Control, Risco Intrusion Alarm, Hikvision LPR and Telefire Guests, at eleven warehouses across Israel, to a unified screen, monitored by a central control room.
  • Collecting security and fire alarms and maintenance alerts from of all integrated systems (fire, security and BMS) and present it on a unified screen.
  • Interfacing with more than 5,000 inputs (I/O) from different manufacturers.
  • Generating thermal mapping of the building based on Telefire’s already installed smoke detectors and integrating it with the air condition system for more efficient energy consumption.



Integrated Intelligent Building Management System

Simplify event’s operation by integrating already installed different security, fire and BMS brands to a unified monitoring and control screen.
Shorten security and maintenance events’ response time.
Shorten security and maintenance events’ response time.
Reduce energy consumption.
achievements & benefits
No equipment replacement cost.
Improved time response of security and safety events.
energy saving.
Reduces control room human resource.
Efficient guarding with accurate system warning.
Increase systems life expectancy.