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  • Custom design consulting

    Telefire consultants and engineers will design a fire alarm system according to plans and specifications, all within the requirements of safety and electrical standards. Telefire provides innovative solutions for the design of fire protection systems for all types of buildings and produces detailed plans using CAD tools.

  • Installation and project management

    There's no room for mistakes when it comes to a life-saving system! Telefire's execution teams have years of experience and will perform the installation in the most professional way. For every project there is a dedicated and experienced manager that is able to find a solution for any problem.

  • Programming and integration

    The fire alarm system controls and is connected to all the building’s systems. Telefire has teams that specialize in programming and integration adjustments for all building systems such as elevators, structure control, blowers, generators, smoke release windows, fire doors and more.

  • System Delivery, Form 4 ,Manufacturer Warranty

    Thanks to proper planning, professional installation and system reliability, you have no worries with delivery. Telefire accompanies the project until it receives the approval of a certified laboratory and the fire department and gives a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty for the installed systems.

  • Service and maintenance

    Telefire's fire alarm systems are maintained throughout the year by a professional team who perform periodic reviews required by law and provide service for any system malfunctions. In addition, our service includes a 24/7 call center, and a system to control and manage calls, fire events and more.

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Providing extensive solution
in MEGA projects


Telefire provides maximum fire protection for the sensitive living conditions of residential towers and creates a fire-safe environment.

Trade & Business

Telefire provides customized fire protection for complexes with a variety of dedicated solutions and products including malls, open complexes, shopping centers, offices etc.

Public centers

Telefire specializes in providing unique solutions to the public sector, such as hospitals, nursing homes, museums, data centers and more.

Security sites

Telefire provides extensive fire systems to sensitive government and military sites and provides professional teams with security classification.


Telefire provides a variety of fire security technologies and meets the complex demands of industrial buildings such as power plants and factories.

Our solutions for maximum fire security

Telefire products are self-developed based on many years of knowledge, research and experience, using the most advanced technologies in the field of sensors, management and control. The company's products are manufactured in Israel with great care and under high quality control standards.

  • Local production

    Fire detection hubs, smoke and heat detectors, smoke management systems, firefighter phones, mobile dialers etc.

  • Software

    Management and fire control software for the control room and centers.

  • Unique products

    Horn detectors, suction detectors, flame detectors etc.

  • Extinguishing Solutions

    With FM-200 gas and aerosol powder.

  • Supplementary Accessories

    Horns, light bulbs, fire buttons, extinguishers.

  • Mobile Services

    App for controlling the fire alarm hub from afar.

  • Emergency and audio declaration systems

  • Shelter intercom

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    Da Vinci Project

    Tel Aviv residential, office and commercial center

    The unique Da Vinci project combines fire safety challenges with a combination of uses - residential, office and a commercial center. Telefire provides solutions for public areas, shared parking spaces, apartment system integration etc.

    Medical Center - Herzliya

    Telefire systems are installed in the unique rooms of the medical center, including operating rooms and treatment rooms. Without false alerts whilst still providing maximum fire protection.

    Dizengoff Center Mall Tel Aviv

    Telefire systems protect against fire in the challenging Dizengoff Center complex. Telefire provides complex construction solutions and provides an optimal response to all the dangers expected in these buildings.

    National Museum of Israel

    Telefire systems protect artwork and ancient items thanks to the innovative technologies on which the systems are based. Telefire, as an Israeli manufacturer, is proud to protect its cultural heritage and this beautiful architectural facility in Israel.

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