25.7.2019 RM-7000

The RM-7000 Remote Panel and Annunciator enables control and supervision of the ADR-7000 fire alarm control panel from remote locations and key positions such as security officer, premises manager, or maintenance office. The RM-7000 remote panel consists of an LCD display, keyboard, internal buzzer, and features such as alarm output, trouble output, and an interface […]

25.7.2019 TFL-1N / TFL-1AN

Telefire’s TFL-1N Remote Signaling Indicator for Conventional Detectors and TFL-1AN Remote Signaling Indicator for Addressable Detectors enable auxiliary indication for detectors that are located in hidden areas such as closed rooms and above acoustic ceilings, etc. The remote signaling indicator is activated directly from the detector using the detection line’s power without a need for […]

25.7.2019 Input/Output units

ADR-741- Addressable Relay Module The ADR-741 addressable relay module includes a set of dry contact relays for use in cases where it is necessary to perform actions such as electricity disconnect or elevator recall, which are performed via relay. The addressable device communications line (SLC) is galvanically isolated from therelay. The ADR-741 occupies a single […]

25.7.2019 Door Magnets

Technical instructions – wall Technical instructions – floor TELEFIRE has a range of wall and floor-mounted fire-door holding magnets, which are compatible with various kinds of emergency doors. The door magnet is connected via a pair of strands from the addressable ADR-741 card, which during a fire event opens the dry contact and thus disables […]


25.7.2019 TPB-800ASY

TPB-800ASY The TPB-800ASY is an analog addressable extinguishing push-button. It is mechanically and electronically identical to the TPB-800ASR, with the exception of its bright yellow color to alert users that this is an extinguishing push-button rather than a fire alarm push-button.

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