11.2.2020 Auxiliary Amplifier

The TFVB-80 unit is an auxiliary amplifier (booster – power amplifier) that allows you to increase the power of Telefire’s emergency call sign systems. The amplifier stands in accordance with the Israeli Standards’ Mark and complies with UL 864 and NFPA 72 requirements. The amplifier can be easily connected to the TFVX and TFVE-300 PA […]

1.8.2019 Speakers

TELEFIRE has a wide range of speakers, including: TLS-T1000 is a wall-mounted half-moon speaker compatible with speaker lines operating at a voltage of VL 70 or VL100. The speaker can be connected to both normal and addressable PA systems and is compatible with systems with control of all types of speaker lines (DC/AC). The speaker […]

25.7.2019 Voice Evacuation System- TFVX

TFVX is a series of emergency PA and evacuation systems integrated into TELEFIRE fire detection systems. The systems allow general or selective emergency announcements according to zones, these are relayed automatically during a fire alarm or by the director of the fire event via system microphones or remotely connected microphones. The TFVX systems are all-in-one […]

25.7.2019 Voice evacuation system- TFVE

TELEFIRE’s TFVE-300 PA system is an integrated and modular 300W PA system that includes emergency messages in Hebrew, standard warning sounds and the option to combine background music and a bell timer system. The TFVE-300 is an integrated monolithic system, built into a single casing, containing PA system units, a power supply and backup batteries. […]

25.7.2019 Firefighter Telephone – TFP 7000

The TFP-7000 is a two-way signaling and communication system designed for firefighters and emergency forces and is integrated into the fire detection system. The system is powered and controlled by TELEFIRE’s addressable control panels. The firefighter’s telephone system is a modular system allowing the control of hundreds of telephone points making it suitable for large […]

25.7.2019 TSC-7000

The TSC-7000 is an LED integrated synoptic map, custom made for every project. It allows firefighters maximal comprehension during emergencies – it complies with the American UL864 standard mark in its most stringent and recent version, including the UUKL certificate. The system allows firefighters maximal comprehension using a LED integrated synoptic map display that can […]

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