25.7.2019 TPH-482A

The TPH-482A integrated detector from TELEFIRE is an analog addressable detector designed to work with TELEFIRE’s ADR- 7000 and ADR-3000 addressable control panels, integrating three dimensions of detection technologies – smoke, heat and time – in one product. Telefire’s TPH-482A is a microprocessor-controlled multisensor detector that has photoelectric and heat sensors for enhanced fire detection […]

25.7.2019 TFH-280A

TELEFIRE is an addressable detector allowing two modes of operation – fire alarm at a fixed temperature and an alarm set off by the rate of temperature rise. The TFH-280A detector from TELEFIRE is a smart set-point detector with an independent address, allowing coverage of a detection radius based on the facility’s risk level and […]

25.7.2019 TFO-480A

The photoelectric smoke detector manufactured by TELEFIRE is equipped with a unique and sensitive sensor designed to detect smoke from various combustion sources. The TFO-480A from TELEFIRE is a smart detector with an independent address, which allows the fire detection and extinguishing control panel to control the specific location where it is installed. The detector’s […]

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