TSA-240 רכזת כיבוי אש
  • מיוצר בישראל
  • Standart UL
  • Standart CE
  • Standart EN-54
  • מכון התקנים בישראל


Conventional 4-zone fire detection and extinguishing control panel

The control panel operates in compliance with Israeli Standard SI 1220, American Standard UL 864 edition 9 and European Standards EN 54-2 and EN 54-4.

This fire detection control panel includes four zones, horn output, automatic fire dialer and fault dialer, alarm relay and fault relay, and individual control output for the zones.

Allows connection of push buttons, various kinds of smoke detectors, heat detectors, beam detectors, aspiration detectors, gas detectors and other detectors.

Every event or fault in the system is displayed in detail, allowing users, technicians and all levels of service staff to easily and quickly identify faults.

The system is designed for installation in small to mid-sized projects such as:





Low Rise residential buildings

Advanced interface

  • The control panel allows the addition of a fire extinguishing assembly for cross-zone or
  • Includes a control system for 2-4 automatic fire detection zones

Advanced Control

  • The LED-based control panel display is user-friendly, clear and detailed
  • When charging the battery, the charge voltage, current and measurement of the battery's capacity to supply current under load are fully controlled

Technical Information

  • All programing operations can be performed through the system's keys or on a computer using designated software
  • This fire detection control panel includes automatic alarm verification
  • Current consumption of 180mA in normal work mode
  • Current consumption of 1A in alarm mode
  • Work temperature of -10 degrees to 60+ degrees
  • Operating voltage 110/230Vac