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  • Standart EN-54
  • Standart CE
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Analog Addressable Multi-sensor Photoelectric / Heat Detector

The TPH-482A integrated detector from TELEFIRE is an analog addressable detector designed to work with TELEFIRE’s ADR- 7000 and ADR-3000 addressable control panels, integrating three dimensions of detection technologies – smoke, heat and time – in one product.

Telefire’s TPH-482A is a microprocessor-controlled multisensor detector that has photoelectric and heat sensors for enhanced fire detection capabilities.

The detector includes a powerful microprocessor which supervises the detector’s assemblies and processes the advanced signals that allow rapid and reliable fire detection without degradation due to the environment and dirt.

The detector contains a photoelectric mechanism with a labyrinth and infrared transmitter and receiver, which operate in a coordinated manner to detect light reflected from smoke particles in the labyrinth.  In addition, the detector is equipped with a thermal sensor that measures the ambient temperature.

The detector uses advanced algorithms to analyze the physical parameters of fire products (smoke and heat), weighs their values on the timeline and adjusts it sensitivity accordingly.  This process reduces the probability of false alarms without reducing the detector’s sensitivity.

The detector protects locations where ongoing smoke generating activities occur and provides a protective envelope in cases in which there are high temperatures and smoke.

The detector prevents false alarms when only smoke is detected.

The detector is designed for use in various types of buildings





Military bases


Nursing homes

מעונות סטודנטים


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Analog communications
  • LED lamp with a 360-degree display

Technical Information

  • The detector can be set to one of two sensitivity levels, which are different levels and combinations of heat and smoke.
  • Precise control of the sensors and drift compensation to overcome the environmental changes and accumulation of dust in the labyrinth.
  • Reaction to a wide range of fire products
  • Signal for normal working mode - flashing light
  • Signal for alarm mode - solidly lit light


  • SI 1220
  • Marked with the Standard Institute of Israel's Green Standard Mark
  • European Standard EN-54
  • Marked with the Standard Institute of Israel's Green Standard Mark