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Voice Evacuation System- TFVX

TFVX is a series of emergency PA and evacuation systems integrated into TELEFIRE fire detection systems.

TFVX is a series of emergency PA and evacuation systems integrated into TELEFIRE fire detection systems. The systems allow general or selective emergency announcements according to zones, these are relayed automatically during a fire alarm or by the director of the fire event via system microphones or remotely connected microphones.

The TFVX systems are all-in-one systems, which include the amplifiers, the charger power supply, message storage circuits, operating logic and microphone and are easy and simple to install.

The TFVX systems allow playing messages for various and diverse emergency events such as fire warnings, red alert warnings, earthquakes and terror attacks, in accordance with the logic implemented by advanced operating matrices.

The systems are compatible with a variety of speakers, of various electric powers and are suitable for a wide range of buildings and needs such as playing emergency messages, evacuation warnings etc.

Product features

  • Standardization- The systems are marked with the American UL standard mark.
  • Compatible with the requirements of the Israeli Standard SI 1001 part 2.1
  • The series has several models with various capacities

TFVX-25 – Amplifier W25

TFVX-50 – Amplifier W50

TFVX-100 – Amplifier W100

TFVX-200 – 2 X Amplifier W100

  • Advanced control and maximum reliability
  • All-in-one systems, allowing easy and simple installation
  • The system has Class A/B controlled outputs
  • The system allows division into zones and regular or addressable branding.
  • The system has evacuation messages and warning sounds in Hebrew, in accordance with the requirements of the NFPA and the Standards Institute of Israel
  • The system is certified under Israeli Standard SI 1220 Part 2 and UL 864
  • Connection of remote and controlled microphones
  • A wide range of speakers for diverse installation configurations

The system is suitable for use in locations requiring a network-connected multi-panel system, which allows command of remote campuses, buildings and structures.

Colleges and universities


High-rise buildings



Military bases


Logistics centers