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גלאי אזורי משולב עשן וחום
  • Standart UL
  • Standart EN-54
  • Standart CE
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Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The photoelectric smoke detector manufactured by TELEFIRE is equipped with a unique and sensitive sensor designed to detect smoke from various combustion sources.

The TFO-480A from TELEFIRE is a smart detector with an independent address, which allows the fire detection and extinguishing control panel to control the specific location where it is installed.

The detector’s sensitivity can be automatically programmed and modified throughout the day and week in accordance with the needs of the specific building.

The detector is designed to work with the TELEFIRE addressable fire alarm panels including Saver 7000, Guard 7, ADR7000 and others.

The system is able to precisely control the sensors and perform drift compensation to overcome the environmental changes and accumulation of dust in the labyrinth. When the detector can no longer compensate for the environmental changes arising from dust in the measuring chamber, the control panel will send a maintenance warning alert.

The detector is designed for installation in all types of projects.

Colleges and universities


High-rise buildings



Military bases

Logistics centers





  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Analog communication.
  • The detector, is “green” - is made of environmentally friendly materials (without radio-active materials).
  • The detector excels in the detection of smoldering fire.
  • A particularly wide, dynamic work range that allows an extended work time with no need to clean the detectors.

Technical Information

  • The detector includes a powerful microprocessor which supervises the detector's assemblies and processes the advanced signals allow rapid and reliable fire detection without degradation due to the environment and dirt.
  • The detector includes a warning light with 360-degree visibility.
  • The light flashes in every corner of the control panel to the detector and is permanently lit in the alarm.
  • Integral test and diagnostic circuit allow for low-cost maintenance.
  • The entire detection labyrinth can be dismantled and changed
  • Electronic address - the detector's address is programmed into the electronic memory without any moving parts.
  • The detector includes protection against rapid dismantling of the detector (anti vandal).
  • The body and the base of the detector can be connected with a hidden allen screw.


  • SI 1220
  • European Standard EN-54
  • American UL Standard
  • Marked with the Standard Institute of Israel's Green Standard Mark