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SEE – control & monitoring software

SEE is a command and control program developed by TELEFIRE, which addresses the need for an interactive graphic display for fire detection and extinguishing systems.

The software supports all TELEFIRE control panels, both addressable and zone based.

The software has several system configurations, one of which is a standalone configuration, in other words, a single computer which receives all the indications from all the fire detection control panels dispersed throughout the facility. The second configuration is a client/server configuration, i.e. a number of fire detection and extinguishing panels connected via an IP/TCP network to one command station. The server station is responsible for communication with the control panels and distributing it to the client stations where it will be viewed in a graphic display. Only the mute, disable and reset options can be performed via the client station.

The software provides multilayer visual indication that is based on planning the system in the form of a hierarchical tree structure of any size facility. The system tree can contain up to six levels of display. In other words, a general panoramic display of the buildings in the facility, a display of the specific structure, display of the selected wing, display of a floor in the wing, display of a specific room on the floor all the way to a single device in the room.

The system has two different levels of operation: The first, the operator’s level and the second, the designer’s level. The operator can, among other things, navigate between the various levels of display, execute specific actions such as reply, mute and disable. The designer can, among other things, edit, plan and program the visual display layout in the optimal manner for the building in question.

The software is suitable for installation in locations that require a network-connected, multi-panel system, which allows command of remote campuses, buildings and structures

Colleges and universities



Military bases

Logistics centers