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Auxiliary Amplifier

Boost your PA system!

Amplification of an existing PA system by an amplifier. Suitable for all Telefire’s PA systems.

The TFVB-80 unit is an auxiliary amplifier (booster – power amplifier) that allows you to increase the power of Telefire’s emergency call sign systems.

The amplifier stands in accordance with the Israeli Standards’ Mark and complies with UL 864 and NFPA 72 requirements.

The amplifier can be easily connected to the TFVX and TFVE-300 PA systems, enabling an indefinite increase of volume in the PA system (including in existing installations).


Create an optimal and economic addition in a location that allows the addition of amplifiers throughout the structure regardless of the location of the main PA system.

BOOSTER ALL IN ONE – The TFVB-80 unit  includes a 50W power amplifier, power supply, battery charger, integral VOX (voice activation) system, fault reporting circuits and unit activation.


The TFVB-80 supports 100V and 25V speakers.

Compatibility and flexibility with Telefire’s regional and address systems.

Maximum Reliability – Separating the audio line into segments increases line reliability against short circuits and cut offs and allows for the switching of zone areas within the address system.

Simple Installation – Connecting the auxiliary amplifier to the main amplifier is performed using only a pair of wires used to transmit the audio signal, line control and command.

Built-in fault control – A built-in fault relay sends fault messages to the  PA and fire detection systems.


Colleges and universities


High-rise buildings



Military bases


Logistics centers