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TELEFIRE offers a wide range of horns, some of which are integrated with flashers, with separate controls for the horn and the flasher.

The horns have been tested and issued a certificate of compliance to Israeli standards.

The leading models include, among others:

The TFS-214/214S horn flasher, which serves as a horn/flasher in fire and gas detection systems and in other security systems. The horn is designed for interior installation and can be activated in the work modes/ sound types specified in the table below.

The horn’s operating voltage is 24 V DC.

The volume can be adjusted by the sound regulator adjacent to the connection terminals.

The type of sound can be selected by coding the switch unit that allows 32 work modes – see section 2.2 Sound Selection.

The TFS-214 is an integrated alarm horn and flasher, and the TFS-214S is an integrated alarm horn and flasher with separate commands for the horn and flasher.

The horn’s operation is characterized by high sound volume and low operating current, allowing the connection of several horns to a single operation line, depending on the horn output limitations of the relevant control panel. The horn connections are polarized, protected against reverse polarity and allow for reverse polarity or voltage level operation.

The horns are suitable for installation in a wide range of buildings

Colleges and universities


High-rise buildings



Military bases


Logistics centers