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Call Points

The TPB-800x is available in two models:

* TPB-800ASR – red fire alarm push button
* TPB-800ASY – yellow extinguishing activating push button.

The TPB-800ASR is an analog addressable push button. It consists of a standard alarm push button unit and an analog addressable interface module mounted behind the front part of the break-glass section. The address is assigned to the TPB-800ASR by using the PROG-4000 Programmer. The TPB-800ASR is connected to the SLC loop in the same way as an analog detector. The TPB-800ASY is an analog addressable extinguishing push-button. It is mechanically and electronically identical to the TPB-800ASR, with the exception of its bright yellow color to alert users that this is an extinguishing push-button rather than a fire alarm push-button. Both the TPB-800ASR and TPB-800ASY are configured as “push button”, but typically they are configured so that pressing the TPB-800ASY manual extinguishing push button activates the system extinguishers, whilst the TPB-800ASR is treated as an alarm.

The various push buttons of activation and extinguishment are in complying to the American UL standard, the European EN-54 and the Israeli SI 1220 standards.

The pushbuttons are suitable for installation in a wide range of buildings

Colleges and universities


High-rise buildings



Military bases


Logistics centers