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Auxiliary Signaling Indicator for Conventional / Addressable Detectors
Telefire’s TFL-1N Remote Signaling Indicator for Conventional Detectors and TFL-1AN Remote Signaling Indicator for Addressable Detectors enable auxiliary indication for detectors that are located in hidden areas such as closed rooms and above acoustic ceilings, etc.
The remote signaling indicator is activated directly from the detector using the detection line’s power without a need for auxiliary power sources.
The TFL-1N and TFL-1AN can be connected to a single detector or to a group of detectors. When activated, the Remote Signaling Indicator will flash both its LEDs alternately, thereby drawing attention to a detector that is activated. The Remote Signaling Indicator is especially designed for low power consumption so as not to overload the IDC or SLC line. Two models of Remote Signaling Indicator are available:
for conventional detectors.
for addressable detectors.

The marker lights are suitable for use in a wide range of buildings:

Colleges and Universities


Multi-storey buildings



Military bases

Logistic centers