RM-7000 RFBLUR עדכני
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Analog Addressable Remote Panel and Annunciator

The RM-7000 Remote Panel and Annunciator enables control and supervision of the ADR-7000 fire alarm control panel from remote locations and key positions such as security officer, premises manager, or maintenance office. The RM-7000 remote panel consists of an LCD display, keyboard, internal buzzer, and features such as alarm output, trouble output, and an interface relay that reduces the need for additional input/output interface modules. The remote panels are connected to the main control panel via a twisted wire pair (RS-485). As many as 16 remote panels can be connected to the control panel using the same cable in a Class B or Class A configuration. Each remote panel should be configured with a unique address in the range of 1 to 16. The communication circuits are fully supervised. In large systems incorporating several control panels connected via a peer-to-peernetwork as many as 16 remote panels can be connected to each of the control panels. The RM-7000 operates with a 24Vdc power source that can be supplied from the main control panel or an auxiliary power supply such as Telefire’s TPS-73A or TPS-34A Addressable Auxiliary Power Supply.

The remote panel is suitable for installation in locations where a multi-networked hub system is required, to enable control of campuses, buildings and remote facilities.

Colleges and universities


High-rise buildings



Military bases


Logistics centers