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Firefighter Telephone – TFP 7000

A two-way signaling and communication system designed for firefighters and emergency forces, integrated into the fire detection system.

The TFP-7000 is a two-way signaling and communication system designed for firefighters and emergency forces and is integrated into the fire detection system. The system is powered and controlled by TELEFIRE’s addressable control panels.

The firefighter’s telephone system is a modular system allowing the control of hundreds of telephone points making it suitable for large and complex buildings.

In addition, every outlet point has its own independent address, and continuous control of the lines in case of short circuit or disconnection . Furthermore, during a fire event or fault, notification will be received regarding the status of each and every outlet.

When a fault occurs, a report will be received by the fire detection control panel, which will display the address, location and the nature of the fault.

During a fire event, the firefighter will connect the telephone receiver to the relevant firefighter’s outlet and an indicator light will immediately light up on the firefighter’s telephone, based on the address of the outlet the receiver was connected to.

The standard display assembly has 8 lights, each of which can be ascribed to a single outlet or a number of outlets installed in a one geographic area.

If the number of indicators needs to be added to an additional display, additional expansion units are to be used in accordance with the capacity and address limitations of the control panel. The firefighter telephone system will be installed on a separate loop or loops from those feeding the detectors.

The TFP-7000 firefighter telephone system allows at least 5 telephone points to speak with the command unit simultaneously.

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