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Automatic Dialer TDM 500I

The most advanced warning device on the market, offering maximal protection during a fire event - capable of dialing within seconds the security forces or the owner of the building.

The automatic dialer is designed to operate with all types of control panels, both addressable and zone based. The automatic dialer has a variety of features that facilitate the installer and allow programming telephone numbers and recording messages on the circuit with no additional tools.
The automatic dialer supports and complies with all the requirements in the Firefighting and Rescue Commissioner and Chief Firefighter provisions 550 and can also be connected to the new series of control panels – the 7000 series, Guard-7, ADR-7000, Saver-7000.

There are two types of automatic dialers – one with an operating voltage of 24 V DC and the other 12 V DC; both automatic dialers have identical features and 10 phone numbers can be programmed on both for every event channel. The phone line and the event entry lines connected to the automatic dialer are controlled.This includes indication on the automatic dialer and in the fire detection control panel it is connected to.

The system is suitable for installation in locations requiring a multi-control panel system, such as:

Colleges and universities


High-rise buildings



Military bases


Logistics centers