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A linear smoke detector that operates on the principle of light obscuration of an infrared beam for a distance of 50- 100 meters, including a built-in camera for effective beam adjustment.

The TBD-8100 beam detector is a smart beam detector with cutting edge features and capabilities. The innovatively designed detector can be easily installed in a wide range of large spaces and various types of structures. The TBD-8100 detector consists of a transmitter and optical receiver in a single device.

The transmitter emits an invisible infrared beam which is reflected by a prism mirror mounted on the facing wall opposite the transmitter so that the beam can reach the other side without interference.

The strength of the reflected beam is analyzed by the receiver.

The detector can detect smoke within a width of up to 18 meters, nine meters on either side.

TBD-8100 detectors can be installed at three distance ranges:

8 to 50 meters (one prism)

50 – 75 meters (two prisms)

75 – 100 meters (four prisms)

Colleges and universities


High-rise buildings



Military bases


Logistics centers



Technical Information

  • Working range up to 100 m
  • Detector coverage - up to 1800 sq m

Advanced Control

  • Adjustable level of detector sensitivity for optimal compatibility to the conditions at the location
  • Alerts transmitted directly to the technician

Fast and easy installation

  • Led indicator on the detector
  • Use of a voltage meter for beam adjustment
  • Use of the TBD-8100C command and control device
  • Video camera installed in the detector to determine the exact location of the reflector