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Beam Detector
גלאי קרן FIREBEAM+5-40m
  • Standart EN-54
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TBD -70
Beam Detector

Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detector

A smoke detector that acts on the principle of the distortion of an infra-red beam up to a distance of 160 meters with a servo motor to provide displacement compensation.

TBD-70, the new beam detector is an innovative detector with many advantages including:

  • Large installation range of up to 70 meters with a single reflector.
  • Advanced technology that allows installation and calibration in seconds.
  • Quick calibration and installation.

The beam detector contains a transmitter and receiver in the same component, the reflector is located on the other side of the space. The smoke detection principle is based on the changing intensity of the reflection of an infrared light beam from the reflector to the receiver.

One of the most noticeable benefits of this type of detector, is a motorized head that runs automatically towards the beam after installation. This means that there is an automatic correction of any deviation or displacement of the structure and hence the detector has high control and command capabilities.

The detector is controlled and can also be manually adjusted using a remote control from the ground. This feature is especially useful in high installations.

Available in three ranges:

7 – 70 meters (detector + prism)

70 – 140 meters (detector + 4 prisms)

140 – 160 meters (detector + 9 prisms)

The detector can be installed in extremely large spaces



High Rise Buildings



Military bases

Logistics centers