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Laser Smoke Aspiration Detectors (LASD)

The Xtralis laser smoke aspiration detector is the ultimate solution for early detection of smoke by air sampling.

Smoke detection with aspiration detectors is effective for clean rooms, high voltage distribution boards, refrigeration rooms and additional locations requiring detection with a sensitivity level of up to 100 times greater than a normal smoke detector.

The principle of operation of aspiration smoke detectors is based on aspiration of the air from the protected space using piping that includes air sampling nozzles.
The air is transported to the detection unit situated outside the sampled space, where sampling is performed using a detector that employs a laser beam, resulting in very high sensitivity.
The air sample is tested for smoke particles thus allowing rapid, early smoke detection.
A number of aspiration detector models are available in accordance with the number of required channels.
Every channel allows a space to be tested, and when there are a number of channels, several spaces can be tested simultaneously.

The aspiration detector system is powered by the fire detection control panel’s source of power and includes transmitters for alarm and fault level indications.
Adjustable speed of flow through the pipes to the aspiration unit.

The unit includes an air filter designed to absorb the dirt collected through the piping; the filter can be dismantled for maintenance and cleaning.
In addition, there is a hidden installation option in which the aspiration and sampling piping is fed through thin nozzles attached to the ceiling.

Clean rooms

Distribution boards

Communication rooms

Refrigeration rooms

Computer rooms