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Water Sensor

Undetected water damage, such as those caused by leaking pipes or corroded water heaters, cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars each year. Such repairs are time consuming and costly to repair. Applications could include computer rooms, sub-floor areas, telephone equipment rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, any areas adjacent to a water storage tank or piping. Also evaporative air conditioners, drip pans, overflows and/or drains. With no mechanical parts, the GRI Water Sensors are triggered by a moisture bridge across the sensor contacts. The GRI Water Sensors can be installed to detect a layer of water as minute as 1/16 of an inch in depth.
Requiring only two wires for signal and power, the GRI 2800 Water Sensor utilizes an open collector electronic trigger. The sensor simulates a simple dry closure. It can be used to activate a remote signalling device or it can be wired directly to most alarm panels and some wireless transmitters. The G.R.I. Water Sensors will continue to protect against troublesome and costly water leaks for years to come.