Telefire has acquired the “Koach Bat Kol” company and is extending its activities into the residential highrise sector.

Koach Bat Kol inc. develops, manufactures and distributes voice evacuation systems, along with fire detection systems. The company works in the field of residential highrise buildings and executes integrated projects for fire detecting and voice evacuation systems.

The acquisition of Koach Bat Kol which took place 4 years ago by the Tene Fund, will allow Telefire to expand its market product range for its customers, and will strengthen its advanced technology with the addition of a public address system. This acquisition will  also strengthen Telefire’s position in the residential highrise market, and will enable it to install its advanced systems nationwide.

Telefire’s products are smart products and are designed for the digital age in which we live. The company looks to the future and sets a high standard in everything related to systems in the field of fire safety in residential construction, public institutions, educational institutions, commercial buildings and offices. The company, which was acquired by the Tene Investment Fund headed by Ariel Halperin – invests in companies in various industries, provides modern solutions for the detection of fire hazards and the operation of real time events while emphasizing the saving of lives and the prevention of property damage.

Sagi Rubin, CEO of Telfire: “The acquisition of Koach Bat Kol activity is a strategic move for Telfire which will allow us to increase our product range and provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for fire detection solutions, while expanding Telfire’s residential highrise business. I am confident that the acquisition will yield significant business successes immediately.”

Haim Cohen, CEO of Koch Bat Kol, who will join the management of Telfire, says: “The acquisition of Koch Bat Kol by Telefire is a significant step for us. The move will express the synergy produced by the joint activity. With joint efforts, we will be able to expand the execution of projects in residential highrise buildings and promote the continued development of products.”

The transaction was accompanied by Adv. Eliran Froman, Adv. Moshe Pesker and Adv. Dana Kleiman of Yigal Arnon & Co. Law Office and by Dima Zell from Ernst & Young consulting firm.

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