Telefire lanches an innovative mobile service

New in Israel:

Telefire- an israeli company, Launches an Innovative Mobile Service to Provide Alerts for Fires and Malfunctions in Fire Detection control panels

For over 40 years, telefire has been the leader in the field of fire detection in Israel, offering a range of technological products and solutions that are the results of the company’s own development.

Today, the company is once again at the technological forefront, bringing innovation to the world of fire detection with the launch of 2 groundbreaking applications – TELEFIRE MOBILE, designed for use by installers and maintenance service providers for telefire systems, and ALERTO, designed for use by end-customers who are operation and maintenance managers, co-op committees, security officers, etc. The purpose of these applications is, inter alia, to enable access to information about the occurrence of fire events in the building or malfunctions in the fire detection control panels, directly via the mobile, from any location, 24/7.

TELEFIRE MOBILE is intended for service companies and field technicians, allowing them to respond quickly to fire incidents in a building, thereby significantly reducing any possible damage. Additionally, in the event of a malfunction or fault in the fire detection control panel, the maintenance coordinator will receive an immediate alert with all the information needed about the malfunction, enabling the coordinator to provide quick and effective solutions so as to enable proper maintenance of the fire detection control panel over time. Also, installers and maintenance providers of telefire’s fire detection control panel will benefit from innovative features that will enhance their field diagnostic capabilities and streamline the way work is conducted.

“telefire mobile opens up a new world for the company’s customers, and was launched as part of a plan to improve the customer experience through digital and online services. telefire mobile is a product of many months of development and represents a significant technological leap in the field of fire detection, alongside its ability to send alerts about malfunctions and make maintenance of the systems installed in the building easier and simpler”, said Shelly Groisman-Tov, Marketing Manager at telefire.

ALERTO, telefire Mobile’s little sister, intended for security officers and building managers, will provide them with control and monitoring capabilities in a building or business 24/7, and make fire protection management easier, smarter and most importantly – safer. fire alarm alerts, malfunctions in fire alarm control panel related to faulty smoke detectors, inactive generator, sprinkler not operating and more, will help the building manager maintain a safer daily routine, while maintaining system integrity.

Sagi Rubin, CEO of telefire: “Fire detection control panels are, first and foremost, life-saving systems. we have developed the ALERTO app with the aim of providing a more comprehensive solution that includes control, monitoring and increased attention to what is happening in the building in terms of its fire detection control panels. we believe that increasing alertness and mobile access to information can significantly reduce damage that can occur as a result of a fire or system failure, and even save lives. The 2 applications, in which we have invested extensive resources, are the first of their kind in Israel and allow us to complete our responses in the field of fire detection and extinguishing, alongside the installation of telefire’s advanced systems.”

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