31.7.2019 ADR-3000

ה- ADR-3000 הנה מערכת בקרה כתובתית לגילוי אש, גילוי גז וכיבוי אוטומטי. המערכת מבקרת ומפעילה התקני מבוא כתובתיים כגון: גלאי עשן, גלאי חום, גלאים משולבים, גלאי גז, לחצני אזעקת אש,ומפסקי זרימה. כמו כן מבקרת ומפעילה התקני התרעה כדוגמת: צופרים, נצנצים ומנורות סימון, מיכלי -כיבוי אוטומטיים, וחייגנים. המערכת נושאת תו תקן ישראלי ת.י. 1220 חלק 2, […]

25.7.2019 GUARD-7

As smart as it is small! Open fire detection and extinguishing system that provides a solution for small building and offers all the advantages, performance and technologies of larger systems. Control of up to 60 input and output devices GUARD-7 is an advanced analog addressable fire detection and extinguishing which was developed modularly using advanced […]


25.7.2019 SAVER-7000

Management of up to 254 devices SAVER-7000 from TELEFIRE is an advanced analog addressable fire detection and extinguishing control panel developed modularly using advanced technologies, allowing operational flexibility and easy installation.  The system complies with the current requirements of modern buildings and latest safety requirements, including fire detection, automatic extinguishing, built-in smoke management, addressable PA, […]

22.7.2019 ADR-7000

The ADR-7000 is suitable for installation in large and complex projects in which an advanced system is required with capabilities for complex control, management and programming. It is a modular system that can be expanded up to 8 loops and up to total of 1016 smart devices in a single control unit. The control unit […]

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