25.8.2020 FLAP-AVS

Meets the requirements of Standard 1597, 2001- NFPA Approved by the Israeli Standards Institute Plastic shield with mechanical protection When opening, a buzzer sounds locally Designed for schools and boarding schools. Easy installation

26.11.2019 Automatic Dialer TDM-500ICN

The only dialer of its kind approved by the Standards Institute and the Ministry of Communications! The dialer allows three modes of operation: wired, cellular and integrated Built-in support for facilities with risk level 1 and 2 Compatible with all low voltage systems including fire alarms, alarms, security and control Provides a solution when there […]

31.7.2019 TCS 7030

Programming for standard and complex matrices. The TCS-7030 software is designed to allow computer users easy and interactive access to program fire detection and extinguishing control panels for the 3000 and 7000 series. The software allows user-friendly programing of accessories, matrices and fire extinguishing operations. Additionally, the software has two new programming wizards for the […]

31.7.2019 SEE – control & monitoring software

SEE is a command and control program developed by TELEFIRE, which addresses the need for an interactive graphic display for fire detection and extinguishing systems. The software supports all TELEFIRE control panels, both addressable and zone based. The software has several system configurations, one of which is a standalone configuration, in other words, a single […]

31.7.2019 Net Modules

Network Communication Module – LON-7000 The LON-7000 is a communication module that enables connection between control panels to establish a network. A two-wire copper cable connection is required to interconnect between the control panels. Optionally fiber-optic connection is made possible with additional modules. The length of the wires depends on the connection topology and media […]

25.7.2019 Automatic Dialer TDM 500I

The automatic dialer is designed to operate with all types of control panels, both addressable and zone based. The automatic dialer has a variety of features that facilitate the installer and allow programming telephone numbers and recording messages on the circuit with no additional tools. The automatic dialer supports and complies with all the requirements […]

25.7.2019 Horns

TELEFIRE offers a wide range of horns, some of which are integrated with flashers, with separate controls for the horn and the flasher. The horns have been tested and issued a certificate of compliance to Israeli standards. The leading models include, among others: The TFS-214/214S horn flasher, which serves as a horn/flasher in fire and […]

25.7.2019 RM-7000

The RM-7000 Remote Panel and Annunciator enables control and supervision of the ADR-7000 fire alarm control panel from remote locations and key positions such as security officer, premises manager, or maintenance office. The RM-7000 remote panel consists of an LCD display, keyboard, internal buzzer, and features such as alarm output, trouble output, and an interface […]

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