Addressable Heat Detector

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גלאי כתובתי משולב עשן וחום TPH
  • Standart EN-54
  • Standart CE
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  • תו תקן ירוק
  • מכון התקנים בישראל

TELEFIRE is an addressable detector allowing two modes of operation – fire alarm at a fixed temperature and an alarm set off by rate of temperature rise.

The TFH-280A detector from TELEFIRE is a smart set-point detector with an independent address, allowing coverage of a detection radius based on the facility’s risk level and installation height.

The heat detector provides a solution for smoke and steam infested spaces in reducing the likelihood of false alarms.
The heat detector has a number of detection modes:
1. Fix temperature – in which the alarm point is set at between 50 to 90 degrees
2. Integrated mode – a combination between rate of temperature rise and fixed temperature. In this mode the alarm threshold for temperature rise can be 7-13 degrees per minute and the fixed temperature 60 degrees.

The detector is designed to work with the TELEFIRE all types of telefire addressable Panels

The detector is designed for use in various facilities