TCS 7030

software for addressable fire detection control panels

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Programming standard and complex matrices.

TCS-7030 software is designed to allow computer users easy and interactive access to program fire detection and extinguishing control panels from the 3000 and 7000 series. The software allows user-friendly programing of accessories, matrices and fire extinguishing operations

Additionally, the software has two new programing wizards for the smoke control panel and firefighter telephone programing system.

TELEFIRE has designed two new programing wizards for structures requiring a firefighter telephone and for structures requiring a smoke management system under the UUKL Standard.

The smoke control wizard for the smoke control panel which is in the software includes prior programming of all selectors, feedbacks and matrices. In addition, programing the smoke control panel takes a few minutes and thus saves numerous work hours.

The smoke control wizard contributes to more professional and effective planning of your building, allowing the statuses of the external systems, such as the generator, pumps, etc., to be display on the panel.

Using the firefighter telephone wizard, the location of the firefighter’s socket can be recorded (for example, first floor, etc.). Based  by the number of sockets in the building (after entering basic information), The software will automatically be able to ascribe the socket to the indication light on the firefighter’s panel. Similarly, to the smoke control panel wizard, firefighter telephone wizard will save the programmer valuable time.

The software is suitable for installation in locations that require a network-connected multi-panel system, which allows command of remote campuses, buildings and structures