FM-200 gas cylinders

כיבוי בגז- FIKE
  • Standart UL
  • מכון התקנים בישראל

the ultimate fire extinguishing solution – rapid response time and minimum property damage.

Fike’s Impulse cylinders are designed to store environmentally friendly extinguishing HFC-227ea gas and release the gas during a fire event.
The cylinder includes an impulse valve operator that can be activated in two ways: Electrically by means of striking the disk with the strike pin or manually be releasing the safety pin and manually operating the gas release leaver.

These cylinders range from 8 liters to 400 liters and activating them by puncturing the disc allows rapid activation of the fire extinguishers without consumption of electricity from the control panel. All the electrical power required to activate the cylinder is obtained through a capacitor located on the TLA-23 card, which allows the extinguisher to interface with the fire detection control panel.

The Fike cylinders are marked with the UL and LPCB standard marks in the USA and in England.

The fire extinguisher gas cylinders are compatible for use in various spaces such as Electrical cabinets