An analog smart control unit developed using new and advanced technology.

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  • Standart UL
  • Standart CE
  • Standart EN-54
  • מכון התקנים בישראל
  • תו תקן ירוק
  • מיוצר בישראל

The ADR-7000 is suitable for installation in large and complex projects in which an advanced system is required with
capabilities for complex control, management and programming.
It is a modular system that can be expanded up to 8 loops and up to total of 1016 smart devices in a single control unit.
The control unit can be connected by peer-to-peer wiring in a control unit network.

An innovative system for fire detection, automatic extinguishment, smoke management, addressable PA systems, command and control and integration with a variety of systems in the building – marked with the American UL standard mark, in its tenth, most updated and stringent version.

Control of up to 1,016 input and output devices per single control panel or up to 32,512 devices per network.

The ADR-7000 system addresses the latest requirements for modern buildings and the most recent safety requirements, including built-in smoke management, fire detection, automatic extinguishment, addressable PA systems, command, control and integration with the other building systems.  The system controls and activates addressable input devices such as smoke and heat detectors, push buttons and additional devices.

The system is marked with the standards’ mark for the Israeli standard SI 1220, the American standard UL 864, tenth edition, and European standard EN 54.

The system is suitable for installation in locations requiring a multi-control panel system, such as:

Product features

Advanced interface
  • Modern and innovative design
  • Clean-lined plastic body
  • Can be installed flush or on the wall
  • Well designed and user-friendly graphic display on 64 x 260 pixel LCD screen
  • LED lights for main events display
  • Symbolic and detailed interface
  • Control screen for identification of events and faults in a quick and easy fashion during routine and emergency.
  • Display of events and system status on a single screen
  • First and last alarm display, to understand the fire spread trend
  • Flasher synchronization for all control panel loops

Modular Installation
  • Modular system which can be expanded to include up to 8 loops
  • Connection up to 16 digital remote annunciator panels
  • Command of up to 1,016 input and output devices per single control panel or up to 32,512 devices per network.
  • Rapid, simple and fast programing of detectors, buttons and additional devices.
  • Updating and programing without any downtime
  • Built-in diagnostic tool for identification of faults and testing all types of communications during installation and maintenance (including leakage)
  • Alarms history and reports of up to 9,999 alarms / 9,999 faults
  • Built-in unit for programing detectors addressable assemblies

Advanced Control
  • Control devices for continuous and reliable operation
  • Indicator alarms, general or individual alarms (matrix) in addressable devices
  • Regular and advanced control of the system lines
  • Protection of the auxiliary power lines with an Advance Current Management (ACM) system
  • Automatic drift compensation for the prevention of false alarms
  • Supervised battery charging controlling the charging voltage, the current and the batteries capacity to supply current under load.
  • Alarm verification system
  • Time and date display clock including holidays, for the adjustment of day/night sensitivity and for the recording and investigation of events
  • Addressable PA management
  • Built-in smoke management