Door Magnets

Telfire has a variety of models of fire door holders for wall and floor

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TELEFIRE has a variety of fire door holding magnets for the wall and the floor

Technical instructions – wall Technical instructions – floor

TELEFIRE has a range of wall and floor-mounted fire-door holding magnets, which are compatible with various kinds of emergency doors.

The door magnet is connected via a pair of strands from the addressable ADR-741 card, which during a fire event opens the dry contact and thus disables the magnetization of the door, allowing he door to close and form a fire barrier between the dangerous area and the protected, sterile area.

The magnets work at a voltage of VDC24 and its working current consumption is low; however, this does not impair the magnet’s ability to hold fire doors, which can weight up to 50 kg.

Furthermore, the magnet can withstand high levels of humidity and extreme ambient conditions.

In addition, it should be noted that the magnet has a failsafe system that performs regular tests to ensure that there is no electrical fault and allows the system to work properly during a fire event.

An additional feature is the electromagnet’s integrity test button used to rule out the possibility of magnetization faults. There is also the option of adding a button for manual release in emergencies.

The magnets are intended for use in a wide range of buildings such as: