Fire Beam Detector

Reflective optical beam smoke detector

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גלאי קרן FIREBEAM+5-40m
  • Standart EN-54
  • Standart CE
  • מכון התקנים בישראל

Linear smoke detector which works on the principle of light obscuration of the infrared beam for 40 – 100 meters, servo driven for automatic adjustment and building shift compensation.

The beam detector is designed to replace a line of photoelectric detectors and thus save a significant amount of time and wiring costs for the installation works and service.
In addition the beam detector is very useful in locations where the ceiling height exceeds 10 meters, and where, based on the Standard’s requirements, photoelectric detectors many not be installed.

The beam detector contains a transmitter and receiver in the same device, and a reflector is mounted on the opposite side of the space. The principle of smoke detection is based on the changes in the intensity of the reflection of the infrared beam from the reflector to the receiver.

One of the most prominent advantages of this type of detector is that the detector has a motorized head which works automatically after installation to adjust the beam, namely, automatic drift compensation or building shift compensation.

This detector is controlled and can also be manually adjusted from the ground with a remote control. This feature is especially useful in high installations.

Fire Beam detectors can be installed for three distance ranges:

5 – 40 meters (detector + prism)

40 – 80 meters (detector + 4 prisms)

80 – 100 meters (detector + 9 prisms)

The detector can be installed in extremely large spaces