Telefire was selected to provide advanced fire detection systems to a huge urban residential project- Ono Valley

The “Ono Valley” residential project integrates advanced fire detection control panels

While the work on the giant Ono Valley urban renewal project is progressing, Telefire was selected to provide advanced fire detection systems that comply with the most stringent American standards

The Ono Valley project, a huge urban renewal project in Kiryat Ono city, a central city located in the heart of israel, comprised of 672 new apartments, is considered the urban renewal project that is being completed within the shortest timeframe. It has recently been announced that that Aura group, a leading group of entrepreneurs in Israel, has chosen to install the advanced 7000 series fire detection control panels by Israeli company Telefire, which have recently been awarded UL 864 standard certification – the most stringent standard in the world.

The issue of fire safety has recently been in the headlines due to numerous fires that have occurred over the past year. While most media reporting has focused on fires set by terrorist in the south, according to the existing fire data, every year more than 12,000 fires break out in residential buildings in Israel.

The danger is particularly severe in residential towers, where the possibility of extinguishing the fire and evacuating residents from the high floors is limited, and therefore most of the protection depends on fire detection and extinguishing systems installed in the building. Systems that provide warning during a fire can enable quick and efficient extinguishing of a fire in a specific area, before it spread to other parts of the building. Smoke management systems, that are manufactured also by Telefire, allows the evacuation of toxic smoke out of the building when burning and the flow in of fresh and clean air will also be installed in the building.

Yoni Avni, VP marketing of Telefire Company: “We are proud to be part of the Ono Valley Urban Renewal Project and to contribute our part in our area of expertise – fire detection and extinguishing. Our 7000 Fire alarm system is the only Israeli system compliant with the 10th and strictest edition of US standard UL 864.”

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