One of the most ambitious residential projects in Beer Sheva city, the Israeli capital of the south, will enjoy the ultimate fire protection solutions of telefire

When Real Estate and Safety Meet

The world’s most advanced fire detection and extinguishing systems to be installed in the “Central Park 17” a residential project in Beer Shave, the biggest city in south of Israel

Y.H. Dimri, one of the biggest constructors in Israel, will soon begin construction of the largest residential park in Israel – Central Park 17, which will be built in the heart of the city of Beer Sheva, the biggest city in south of Israel. The project will comprise more than 2,300 residential units, which will be built in 17 towers, each 29-story tall.

Telefire company, manufacturer of fire detection and extinguishing systems, will install, in some of the project towers, the most advanced fire detection and extinguishing systems in Israel as well as worldwide, that have been certified as complying with the strictest 10TH edition UL 864 US standard.

With the installation of these systems, purchasers of apartments in the two selected towers will enjoy a significantly higher level of safety and protection from the risk of fires.

In Israel, more than 12,000 fires occur in residential buildings every year, and when the fire erupts in high-rise towers, it may be life-threatening because high-altitude rescues in towers are a complex and difficult mission that is dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

Thanks to the smoke detectors installed in both towers, the fire safety is expected to be of the highest standard in the world.

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Credit: Dolphin PR agency

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