26.4.2021 Telefire has acquired the “Koach Bat Kol” company and is extending its activities into the residential highrise sector.

Koach Bat Kol inc. develops, manufactures and distributes voice evacuation systems, along with fire detection systems. The company works in the field of residential highrise buildings and executes integrated projects for fire detecting and voice evacuation systems. The acquisition of Koach Bat Kol which took place 4 years ago by the Tene Fund, will allow […]

9.7.2020 Telefire lanches an innovative mobile service

New in Israel: Telefire- an israeli company, Launches an Innovative Mobile Service to Provide Alerts for Fires and Malfunctions in Fire Detection control panels For over 40 years, telefire has been the leader in the field of fire detection in Israel, offering a range of technological products and solutions that are the results of the […]

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9.7.2020 One of the most ambitious residential projects in Beer Sheva city, the Israeli capital of the south, will enjoy the ultimate fire protection solutions of telefire

When Real Estate and Safety Meet The world’s most advanced fire detection and extinguishing systems to be installed in the “Central Park 17” a residential project in Beer Shave, the biggest city in south of Israel Y.H. Dimri, one of the biggest constructors in Israel, will soon begin construction of the largest residential park in […]

4.12.2018 Telefire was selected to provide advanced fire detection systems to a huge urban residential project- Ono Valley

The “Ono Valley” residential project integrates advanced fire detection control panels While the work on the giant Ono Valley urban renewal project is progressing, Telefire was selected to provide advanced fire detection systems that comply with the most stringent American standards The Ono Valley project, a huge urban renewal project in Kiryat Ono city, a […]

6.6.2018 Telfire operates a production line where people with disabilities work – Empowering disabled people is one of the leading company values

Rehabilitating and Saving Lives A rehabilitation plant in Beer Sheba, the biggest city in south of Israel, is yet another reason for local pride. The goal: Providing livelihood to disabled people and restoring them to a normative life and the job market. Beer Sheva, the biggest city in south of Israel, is undergoing a real […]

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